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Women Weed & Wordplay (Limited Edition Gold LP)


Chillinit celebrates his debut album reaching certified ARIA Gold status with a super limited special edition gold pressing.

Chillinit is, without question, the most exciting new hip-hop artist in Australia, one of the most revered new rappers in the Southern Hemisphere and an emerging cult figure to his legion of dedicated fans, the 420 Family.

1. Energy (ft. Wombat)
2. Whateva You Need (ft. Huskii)
3. Inner Thoughts (Honesty)
4. Where's The Lighter (Skit)
5. Up Up and Away
6. Underrated (ft. Wombat)
7. Rap Zombie
8. AUS2UK (ft. Kamakaze)
9. Bagzy - Interlude
10. One Breath One Take
11. Run It Up
12. 420 Queen St (ft. Lil Sknow)
13. Wish You Well
14. Wish You Well Pt. 2 (It's A Vibe)
15. I Can't Sing But It Helps The Pain (Leave Me)