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Cut Copy

Bright Like Neon Love (Limited Edition Pink LP)

Cut Copy

Cut Copy's debut album Bright Like Neon Love harnessed synths, samplers, and drum machines for synth-pop before it was cool. Dripping in 80s nostalgia and featuring "Saturdays," "Future" and "Going Nowhere," the album was critically acclaimed and is a cult favourite amongst fans.

Repressed for the first time earlier this year for the band’s super limited Collected Works Box Set, fans who missed out now have the chance to grab a copy of the record on limited edition pink vinyl.

1. Time Stands Still
2. Future
3. Saturdays
4. Saturdays (Reprise)
5. Going Nowhere
6. DD-5
7. That Was Just a Dream
8. Zap Zap
9. The Twilight
10. Autobahn Music Box
11. Bright Neon Payphone
12. A Dream