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Recorded Live At The US Festival 1983 (LP)


On October 28, Petrol Records/UMe will release INXS – Recorded Live At The US Festival 1983. Previously unreleased and featuring nine of the ten tracks that appear on Shabooh Shoobah.


“For six young lads fresh from the pubs of Australia, the 1983 US Festival was, at that stage in our career, by far the biggest live concert we had played at. We were told the audience was estimated to be around 200,000 when we performed. I remember walking out onto the stage and seeing the audience disappear into the distance or smog and it looked to me like infinity. Somewhere in my highly stimulated consciousness I heard Michael say ‘F***** Hell’. We were pumped. We were young and had almost finished our first (of many to come) 3-month tour of the US. In many ways this show gives a great insight into where we (INXS) were at then, it shows the exuberance we had and hints at the promise of things to come.” – TIM FARRISS

1. Soul Mistake
2. Here Comes
3. Jan’s Song
4. Spy Of Love
5. To Look At You
6. The One Thing
7. Old World New World
8. Black And White
9. Don’t Change