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Cold Chisel

Twentieth Century (40th Anniversary Transparent LP)

Cold Chisel

Cold Chisel's fifth studio, the bedazzled, bedraggled and intended kiss-off album, Twentieth Century, celebrates its 40th birthday on April 12, 2024 and Cold Chisel marks its anniversary with a special vinyl reissue of the album. Pressed on Ultra-Clear 180g vinyl and accompanied by two unique postcards, designed by the album's artwork designer Eduardo Guelfenbien, this reissue of Twentieth Century is strictly limited to one-thousand copies. First in, best dressed for the party so brilliantly depicted on the album's inside poster...

Twentieth Century was recorded as the band was in the process of breaking up and farewelling the world on their incredible Last Stand tour. All of the emotions are laid out bare on this incredible album - by turns its angry, heartbreaking, snarly, jumpy, sentimental (without that bullshit), poetic, speed-driven, full of love, lust and beauty. A fitting farewell (at the time) for Australia's best known and best loved band. After Twentieth Century, there would be no new Cold Chisel album for some 14 years.
Featuring the Jimmy/Ian vocals on the woozy gem "Saturday Night", the speed-reggae single "No Sense" and the heartbreaking farewell song "Flame Trees", Twentieth Century is one of the deepest, darkest albums in the Cold Chisel canon.

SIDE A 1. Build This Love 2. Twentieth Century 3. Ghost Town 4. Saturday Night 5. Painted Doll 6. No Sense 7. Flame Trees SIDE B 1. Only One 2. Hold Me Tight 3. Sing To Me 4. The Game 5. Janelle 6. Temptation