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Masters Apprentices

A Toast To Panama Red (LP)

Masters Apprentices

2022 marks the 50th Anniversary of A Toast To Panama Red. The fourth album by Australian prog-rock legends The Masters Apprentices, this was their final record before their reformation in 1988.

The album, recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in the UK in the 1970s and with artwork designed by Jim Keays, is lauded as a pioneering Australian prog-rock release. To mark the anniversary, the band are releasing the first repress of this classic album on vinyl in Australia since the 70s.

1. Answer Lies Beyond
2. Beneath The Sun
3. Games We Play – Part I
4. Games We Play – Part II
5. The Lesson So Listen
6. Love Is
7. Melodies Of St. Kilda
8. Southern Cross
9. Thyme To Rhyme