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The Beatles

Yellow Submarine (LP)

The Beatles

Yellow Submarine was the tenth studio album by the Beatles, originally released on 13 January 1969 in the United States and on 17 January 1969 in the United Kingdom.

The album was issued as the soundtrack to the animated film of the same name, which premiered in London in July 1968. The album contains six songs by the Beatles, of which "Yellow Submarine" and "All You Need Is Love" had previously been released as singles. The remainder of the album was a re-recording of the film's orchestral soundtrack by the band's producer, George Martin.

SIDE A 1. Yellow Submarine 2. Only A Northern Song 3. All Together Now 4. Hey Bulldog 5. It's All Too Much 6. All You Need Is Love SIDE B 1. Pepperland 2. Sea Of Time 3. Sea Of Holes 4. Sea Of Monsters 5. March Of The Meanies 6. Pepperland Laid Waste 7. Yellow Submarine In Pepperland